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Maximize Profits

With ProfitIQ, your F&I team never misses an opportunity to maximize F&I profit. They visually see how any deal adjustments affect lender decision profit so they can quickly focus on Maximizing deal profit. Start capturing the maximum profit for the 20% of deals your team is missing.

ProfitIQ instantly identifies which lender decision maximizes your F&I Profit.

Take your F&I revenue to the MAX!

Onboard in a few days

One day of training (onsight or remote)

Start capturing additional deal profit immediately

Boost PVR
ProfitIQ lifts PVR by $40-$120. For a 100 unit/mo dealership that's $4,000-$12,000 in captured revenue on the vehicles you are already selling.
Find Missed Profit 
Easily find the profit opportunities your F&I team is missing - before they close the deal and the profit is lost forever. 
Limit Errors
Automated calculations prevent errors that cost your dealership  revenue every month.
Faster F&I turn
F&I managers can process more deals, more accurately and speed up the F&I customer experience.
Easy Training
Beginner or old pro? Speed, accuracy, and MAXIMUM profit on every deal - confirmed and verified by ProfitIQ 
Fits Your Process
No need to change your current F&I process to maximize your lender profit. 

We also have you covered with full integration

“Yeah, we know we're leaving money on the table!"

Matt D.

Ford Dealership GM

Instant ROI

This is a typical audit of missed F&I profit. A few big misses every month really affect PVR!

See How it Works

Profit Audit Results

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ProfitIQ Helps You Capture Maximum F&I Profit

Instant Decision Profitability Identification

Highest Profit deal is shown in Green

Invalid structures are Yellow

Bad deals are Red

Guided Profit Maximization

  • Lender decisions pre-calculated
  • Add your F&I products and see updated margins
  • Update structures to fit lender requirements
  • One location to review all real deal data